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What Developers say About Us

Research Associate @NASA

"Thank you @WomenWhoCode for giving me the opportunity to participate at #AIWTB, a very inspiring online conference by @Withthebest!"

Noemi Derzsy
Co-Founder and CTO @FoxType

"I like the conference format for #AIWTB. Traditional conferences have the same talks by the same people."

Motoki Wu
Researcher @The Interactive Institute

"Been participating in #VRARWTB all day, great online conference on AR and VR. Tech's working great, and so easy to engage with speakers!"

Jacob Michelsen
Research Scientist @ Google Brain, creator of GANs

"As a researcher, I’m excited about the potential of technology to transform society, but most of research-related institutions don’t actually make much use of technology. Most conferences are still held only in person and require everyone who attends to buy expensive plane tickets and release a lot of carbon into the atmosphere. I like that AI With the Best uses the internet to bring everyone together, so there are fewer barriers to attendance and a truly global audience."

Ian Goodfellow

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